Business Brokers Are Important As Part Of Your Annual Business Plan

As a person who works with small and medium-sized companies on generating more and better revenue, one of the first questions I ask, and need to establish a clear answer for with a client is:

What’s your exit strategy? At one point or another every business either is sold or closes.  Yours’ is one of those.  So the question becomes at what time and what value do you want to sell?  If you don’t know those answers, then you might as well be working for someone else.

Why work as hard as a business owner generally must, just to earn the dollars you would  earn working for someone else? At the end of the day, you deserve to walk away with a substantial sum for all of the business building you have accomplished, but you won’t, unless you start panning to make your business valuable for someone or some company to buy down the road.

I always suggest that every client meet with a Business Broker once a year, just to get a good idea what they need to do to build value in the company. Ask them, what will it take to sell my business for 1.5 million dollars.  Am experienced business broker can tell you in an hour, and then you need to listen to their advice.

My client Choice Business Opportunities has written an excellent blog on selling a business.  When it’s time for you to make that move, please read this article. It’s full of excellent advice.

You can also watch this interview with Mark Cuban on small business and how that relates to business valuations.

Please do your self a favor, go and spend some time with one of the many business brokers who in most cases would be happy to explain how to grow your business to it’s highest valuation.

Denver Basement Finishing Is Hot

Have you tried to set an appointment for a  free estimate to finish your basement lately?  If your home is in the Denver metro area, you may have been surprised by 1. how hard it is to get a company to come out, 2. how many may not even follow up after the first appointment, and 3.  how far out many companies are as far as starting your basement.

So whats up?  Well,  the economy has recovered, and home values are going up. Most home owners finish their basement either when they move in, or around 5-7 years after they have been in the home. Lets see, 7 years ago was right when the recession hit. hmm.  Also, the consumer confidence index has been good for a year and a half, a leader indicator of residential remodeling requests.

But, with these new demands, there are more contractors entering the basement finishing field.  That of course means you need to be more careful than ever in how you select a basement finishing company.

Our company recently began doing business development for  L and D construction, a Denver based Basement Finishing Company.  This is a good example of a basement finishing company you can trust. Why?  Licensed and Insured, full services, great references and 5 years of experience.


View an Interview with the owner of L & D construction about basement finishing below:



Or read more about the basement finishing process on


So the things to expect are, it may take a little more effort to get the bids completed, and it make take a little more time to get started.  The good news is prices are still competitive because of the number of contractors who will bid your project.

You can read about the most common FAQ about Denver basement finishing on the L & D Construction web site.



Denver Social Media Services

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Denver Social Media Services.

Over the last few years our phones have been ringing consistently with requests for information about Social Media Services.  No question, it’s important for a company to have a presences and plan for sites like Twitter, Facebook, Linked in and all of that. The challenge of course, is the time and expertise needed to interact and attract attention on those sites. Lets face it, if you are a Solar power provider, you may not have the copy writing skills, or PR background to pull all of this off.

I know our company is focused on , and good at  search engine optimization.  So we out source or refer Denver social media marketing to trusted local providers.  SEO services that provide Social Media are rarely very good at it, and Social Media companies that provide SEO are not really great at SEO.  We have always felt you can either divide your attention over two or three different disciplines , or stay true to the core business, and refer or out source.

We refer businesses to a couple of Social media firms depending on their needs.  One is The Start up Launcher, and the other is 720 media in Colorado Springs.  Both offer very good services depending on your needs.

Call us today if you would like a recommendation. 303 500 3053


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The Number One Reason for Slow Sales

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For small business owners, the number one reason for sales being slow is something very simple. Lack of, or no prospecting activity.

The problem is rarely a poor conversion percentage, or that the price is to high, or (add reason here). In my experience, it’s almost always a simple lack of sales activity.  Waiting for the phone to ring does not qualify as sales activity!

So, if you need to jump start your sales:

  • Write a letter and send it to 1000 targeted prospects (or 100, or 10,000). Pick up the phone and call everyone you have done business with, or have a business relationship with and ask them how you might help them.
  • Put together a real special offer on something you offer to get you and your sales group excited about selling again.
  • Build a new “add on service”  that your current clients need, and send them an email, then follow up with  a call.

In the words we all know and love,  JUST DO IT. And do it for an hour every day.

Making more sales, starts with and is 100% contingent upon one thing. Generating leads and you do that  through activity.


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Lead Generation Tactics

InBound Marketing Online

Lead Generation Tactics

Based on the last blog, you now know how much per lead you can spend, and you know that by increasing your conversion rate (closing percentage) you will be able to generate more leads.

So what tactics (methods) should you use.  Lets start with a small company with a limited budget, as this is the most difficult situation.

If you are limited by a small budget for advertising, the first strategy is do every thing you can to reduce some expenses and move that money over to lead generation.  Lead generation is an investment, not an expense, and should produce more revenue and profit. A really good cycle!

Tactics to use to generate leads and expense:

Relationship marketing.  Expense is your time

1.) Make a list of everyone you know in business. Next to their name add one thing you can do for them professionally.  It can be an idea, an introduction, a mention of their service in your newsletters or emails, a joint venture, a lead.

2.)  Take the top 5 that seem to feel the best, and make those 5 calls this week.

3.) Watch good things happen.  We call it the radar system. You get on their radar and are in their thoughts.  Nothing but good will come from this. You will start getting referrals, and opportunities you never would have imagined.  This is my personal favorite and always pays back big dividends.


Next up, free Internet marketing on a DIY basis.

See more on our main sites SEO Blog

or our main sute




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Lead Generation plan

The step many companies seem to miss when they are developing there sales plan, is what they can pay for a customer.  If you don’t know this number, you can not build a sales plan.

Coaches and consultants who start their clients business planning with “how much do you want to do in revenue ” this quarter, year, 3 years, seem to completely miss the point.

You start with what your margins allow you to “pay” for anew customer, and then divide that by your conversion rate.  SO if you can afford to pay $1000.00  for a new client and you close 25% you can pay $250.00  per LEAD.

Once you have that you can decide what tactics fit that budget,a nd how many leads at that rate you can buy each month.

The best way to get more leads, is to increase your conversion rate. The better your conversion rate, the more leads you can afford. That  is why we start with improving your conversion rate.

You can see more about our lead generation on our main site about SEO and Sales

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Fire Proof Your Company

Fire proof your office:

Business owners and managers spend a lot of time “putting out fires”.  Here is a system to reduce your firefighting time significantly.

Fires are surprises.  So we try to employ a no surprise management environment.  Surprises tend to come from two sources, your employees or your clients/customers. To reduce and eliminate surprises you need a system to communicate constantly with both, in a confidential and trusting way.

Makes sure you have a policy and system to email a survey and call every customer on a regular basis.  This should include every level of your company’s management in a rotating time line.  Designate A, B and C clients, and set up a schedule of calls and surveys, with reports back to the the President of the company.

Example.  You have a three layer management org chart.

A Companies get a survey monthly from the Presidents office and a  call every three months in place of the normal lower management level calls.
A companies get a call every month from your director level.  Just a :how are we doing type call.  This can be replaced with a personal visit.

B companies get surveys every month, and a call every 4 months from the President  ( or VP )

B companies get a call or visit from the next level down every  6 weeks.

C  companies.  Survey every quarter.

Reports on every contact are sent to the Presidents and VP’s office

You will be amazed at what you will hear, and how your fire fighting team becomes less active as you identify challenges before
it becomes a fire.

If you are a small firm, you become the most active level. Call and survey every month or more!

For employees:

Send a post card to every employee with a return address to you ( The President or V.P)
Ask them how it’s going and do they have any suggestions.  Put all the returned postcards into a hat and draw
one or two out for monthly prizes.  This will encourage participation. Have some one call the employee if they didn’t respond and
remind them to get that post card back for the drawing.

Once again,  you will be amazed at the information you will get about your offices, managers and how your customers perceive your service.

Do the same type program of communication for your employees. Have a system that insures the senior level management talks directly to the A  and B
employees on a regular bases.

What comes with this is a very important policy of how the senior level communicates bad news or potential problems with the management.  It’s
essential that any “surprises”  are worked on as a team, and that you never beat up a manager for information received in this system.

Try this and you will be putting away the fire fighting gear far sooner than you would think. You will also be a better customer service organization and most likely find lot’s of lost revenue when speaking with customers.



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