Your Company Reflected into the Internet

A Companies Internet strategy should be to reflect its entire company into the digital world. Just like brick and mortar presence, a company needs that same presence on line

Your Internet “building” or Office is your Web Site :
Good site, Well thought out for capturing and qualifying new prospects. Unlike a traditional office you want your site to function as a great retail environment, represent your companies culture, give good information, and assist in developing prospects as well as generating referrals. Web 2.0 tools should be built including
free reports, videos of satisfied customers, videos of service demonstrations, and email sign up and delivery functions.

Your marketing Department:
On line this is getting your companies message out to a wide audience. No one will come to your store if they can not find you. Its a Intensely competitive space, and your marketing department needs to use all the tools for your store to get noticed. Those include, S.E.O., Local S.E.O., Listings on review sites, Listing on directories, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Strategic on line alliances, Geo- Targeted and content targeted pay per click, Branding your web site on all materials, updated your web site and directory listings, an intelligent linking strategy, paid referral sites, and more.

Your Sales Department:
Supported by the marketing department your sales department needs to reach out and present through your web site (on line videos with sign up) Schedule web meetings, schedule on line sales events (available only on this day at these times on line), have live chat available for potential customers during on line events and have a timely professional auto and real response to any on line inquires.

Communication Department:
Large companies have communications departments. Your business needs one too. The Internet is the most cost effective and productive communication department you can hire. Using your site, twitter, Blogs, and on line video and help you develop a strong communication process to your customers, prospects, and employees. You should be able to communicate new sales, new services, special offers to customers in a push of a button (email, twitter, add to site). You should be able to announce employee of the week, month quarter with a video from the president emailed and twittered to every employee and hosted on you web site. Employees can make suggestions 24-7 on how to make a better company, and customers can too. Announce sales contests and post running results. Post employee of the month on Public directories and use Press releases for on line distribution. Write and publish articles for distribution. Use a company Instant messenger for fast and easy communication.

You can offer your customers the choice of how to pay. Credit cards, Direct deposit, even twitter you money.
You can bank online, pay bills on line. Offering financing on line.

Human resources:
You can train your employees on line with video, and on line training guides. You can have all your employee hand book on line for fast reference for your managers and employees.

Market expansion:
If you have all of this as part of your internet strategy, expanding into new areas is fast.

How do you pay for all this? You start with the sales and marketing of course.

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