S.E.O. is a huge waste of money!

S.E.O. is a huge waste of time and money!………

If your web site sucks.

The real and only starting point for your Web strategies has to be your site. It must be constructed to accomplish a goal.
If your looking to find new prospects, and have done a ton of work on S.E.O., blogs, social networking, link building, videos, and pay per click, and your bringing new prospects to your site, and they find your site sucks, then, you suck (in their perception).

I am amazed how many S.E.O. firms don’t even touch on the marketing side of your web site. Its insane. I just received a 4 page proposal on a national S.E.O. program for a client. Not one mention of the fact that the site won’t convert traffic into prospects. I would rather have a 20% increase in conversions first, and then S.E.O. the site.

Start with your site! There are many excellent blogs and information on how to build your web site. Here are some quick basics. If your going after new prospects make your home page easy to read.

  • Use Bullet points.
  • Talk about them not you.
  • Add your unique selling proposition,
  • Add your guarantee,
  • Make sure you have your accreditation’s listed,
  • Contact information,
  • A testimonial and a link to a bunch of testimonials,
  • A picture of you and your staff (if local)

and a BIG one.

  • Add a contact us at the top in the middle and at the end of your page.

Humans read 25% slower on a monitor than on paper. If your target market is 45 and above use bigger font ( I am NOT joking).

Like so many things in life, its not what you do, its how you do it. Call me any time for a absolutely free 10 minute evaluation of your site from a human, not a robot.

Mike Bayes
President, My One Call LLC
12303 Airport Way Suite 200
Broomfield CO. 80021
303 500 3053 ext. 1 (office)

Twitter: @mikebayes
Blog: http://www.myonecall.wordpress.com

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My One Call

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