First Page of Google in Day!

First page on Google in 1 day

For those of us who do web optimization, the best feeling is seeing the work manifested in tangible results. We started a new web optimization program a month ago,
The clients web company couldn’t make our suggested changes to the site until the end of May, so we did most of the other tactics to prepare while waiting. The changes were made May 30th, and Google Indexed the site on June 4th. The Client now is first page Google under Home Builder Denver. ( and we are waiting for the other search engines to crawl the site to watch what happens there. From here the site should continue to climb.

How did we do it? We used all the tactics we talked about in our free “how to web optimize your company” workshops. You can see a schedule here for Denver

and here for Colorado Springs

Two new posts coming this week…. The new Google Local dash board (lots of great free info) and Cool Internet tools for your business. I will be asking you for your recommendations on free stuff that helps a company be more productive, like Google Docs, Meeting wizard…. .

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