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Reputation Management:

The next big (as in important) thing in internet marketing is reputation management. Large companies have firms doing it now. Small and medium companies need to add it to the task list soon.

With the rapid growth of review sites on-line, twitter, and other social networks its becoming very important that a company know whats being said,  and encourage clients and customers to participate in the process. It’s so important that some internet marketing consultants are publicly promoting using fake reviews for your product.  I read a blog the other day on “how to” fake a review and post it on line!

We feel the better approach is to give your clients and customers the information they need to give you good reviews on line. We have a standard email and thank you card script that a client sends out. Its says thanks, and then asks them if they would be kind enough to share how they felt the company preformed on line at the various high profile review sites.

The Local listing below shows what just two bad reviews can make your business look like. This Restaurant must serve 1000’s of people a week.. and because there are no good reviews they are losing business(C) Warehouse Restaurant, Colorado Springs, CO   Reviews and maps - Yahoo! Local:

Our suggestion is to set up a weekly review of your company’s on line listings and twitter comments. This should take 10 minutes for a local company.  If you have a negative review, you need to respond to it if possible, and make you sure you drive the good reviews to the Internet to off set any negative.

I had a company drop from 5 stars on a review site to 3 and a half the other day based on one review. It was anonymous.  Makes you wonder how a site weights reviews when 5 greats and one poor brings you to a 3 ).  That change could cost the client 50K a month in revenue if not found and responded to. I don’t love the fact many if not MOST of the Internet review sites are  unverified. Any one can post any thing about your company.  Your competitors can slam you, an x employee with a grudge can write terrible stuff, and to the Internet user, you look like a bad company.

There is only one way to deal with it.  A Reputation Management Program, and good service to your customers and clients.  Start a Reputation Management Program  today…..


A month or so ago I predicted we will see a boom in video production companies specializing in S.E.O. videos for the web. It’s started. A client
sent me a proposal from a firm in Denver who will produce your company video, post it to a zillion video sites and key word optimize the tags and titles.
All for $2900.00 and $200. a month maintenance.

Or, you could down load a software program for $49 that converts power point to video,  build it,  submit it yourself for about 3 hours of time and $49.
Not comfortable building it? There are a ton of talented free lance marketing people who will do it for $100.  We include this in our complete web optimization programs

and the entire cost is 50% less of the annual fee for one video produced and submitted by the firm my client was approached by.–

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