How To Manage Your On Line Reviews

How much attention a business pays to the ever-growing number of review sites, and how their business is perceived depends on who they are selling to.

If your selling to consumers, reviews on Yahoo, Google, Angie’s List, City Search, Yelp and many others can give you a huge advantage over your competitors who either don’t have reviews, or have lower ratings then you do.

Or it can work the opposite way.

Below is an example review summary My One Call does for its clients. It’s amazing how useful these are in increasing your sales. If you’re a national or regional company you can access how your business is perceived, identify any hot spots that need attention, start positive PR campaigns where needed, and address individual issues.

If your a single location
it may be even more important to know what’s being said online in your reviews, as one negative review carries many times the exposure for you.

A restaurant reviews summary

We all know that an unhappy customer, employee, or competitor is far more likely to review your company than your regulars who love your business. So in many ways the world of online reviews can be very unfair.

Factor in the reality that very few review sites allow a business to respond to a bad review, or even know where or who it came from, and you have a formula for a PR nightmare.

In the example above, if I were the VP of this company I would place a major focus on getting positive reviews, and watching carefully which restaurants are improving.

Reviews also carry weight in local search directory rankings. So the more reviews you have, the higher the ranking. The last thing you want is a high ranking directory listing on the first or second page of a search engine that shows an overall low rating or poor reviews.

With our clients we use a three-prong approach to online review management:

1) Know what categories of information major review sites show about a company, and update this information at least weekly a summary report (as shown above).

2) Identify any problem areas or locations and do a local review to address any issues.

3) Encourage all of your customers to review your company through the various customer touch systems from My One Call. If you’re a one location company, print up thank you business cards and list the review sites on the back. Ask your customers to spend a minute reviewing your business. If you’re not comfortable handing this to every customer, take a step back and ask why not, and then address that issue.

If you want to know what your company looks on Web searches, call me for a free assessment of your online review reputation.

720 254 1234 (Google phone)
303 808 1734 (cell)
Twitter: @mikebayes

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