Getting City Wide Rankings in Google Local Directory

How do you get your metro wide service business listed in all the cities you service with Google?

It’s a real challenge for many companies who depend on a large part of a metro area to survive, yet can not get decent rankings because their physical address is so important in how google displays results.  In my experience I have found city wide services that have one address, one phone number and still consistently show up in the results in multiple cities. And I will tell you the commonalities I see in those listings in a moment.  But first,

We know the main attributes of a good local listing.

  • Title
  • Categories
  • Citations
  • Reviews
  • Pictures and videos
  • Address


And thats fine for a restaurant of retailer who is location specific. The challenge is for a company that services an entire metro area but will only rank in the city that their physical location is in.. Now some S.E.O. companies will use a P.O. box, or other address to show up in the city directory. I am a bit conflicted. I understand the reasoning, that being Google and others are penalizing the city wide service in the way they show results. So by creating a false address (at least in the pure sense) you are simply sending a message to the search engines that you do provide services in that area. My only issue is it does conflict with the  Google  guidelines, and in the long term that, like most short cuts, will cause you grief.

The other common tactic for high rankings is listing the name of the company with the keywords your targeting in it. Once again, I get it, as it works.  And why should your company be penalized because 7 years ago you thought a cute name for your business wasn’t keyword specific. But here again, it may be bad digital karma, and may come back to haunt you.

So we have been looking at city wide services, that  follow all he guidelines, and still show up in multiple cities.

The few that are consistently listed on the front page of the local directory in more than 2 or 3 cities have these commonalities.

  • A huge advantage in inbound links over the other companies. (I mean huge)
  • Paid local directory listings in Multiple cities
  • And related to that, citations from those local directories under different city categories.
  • Age of domain and site. The few we have looked at have been around a long time.

Interesting, there doesn’t seem to be much about the actual web sites that cause multiple city directory rankings except this…. they are all
have more than 40 pages listed as internal links.

So there you have my very limited research into the components of getting a city wide service rank well in local directories all across town. I would love to hear how any of you have addressed this issue.

Mike Bayes
President, My One Call LLC
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