Lead Generation plan

The step many companies seem to miss when they are developing there sales plan, is what they can pay for a customer.  If you don’t know this number, you can not build a sales plan.

Coaches and consultants who start their clients business planning with “how much do you want to do in revenue ” this quarter, year, 3 years, seem to completely miss the point.

You start with what your margins allow you to “pay” for anew customer, and then divide that by your conversion rate.  SO if you can afford to pay $1000.00  for a new client and you close 25% you can pay $250.00  per LEAD.

Once you have that you can decide what tactics fit that budget,a nd how many leads at that rate you can buy each month.

The best way to get more leads, is to increase your conversion rate. The better your conversion rate, the more leads you can afford. That  is why we start with improving your conversion rate.

You can see more about our lead generation on our main site about SEO and Sales http://www.salesjumpstart.net

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