Company Reputation Enhancement

Several new success stories through My One Call clients this week based completely on their company reputation enhancement programs.  (A reputation enhancement program combines solid Internet visibility, with great 3rd party endorsements.  It’s the one two punch of on line marketing.)

Look at our SEO listing on Google. We are number 3.  But the one BIG difference between all the listings is, we have 9 reviews. Searchers like reviews, and it draws the eye to our listing and promotes a click on the reviews.

Over the last week I have had three calls from clients saying they had a new prospect that had found them on line, and had contacted them because they liked the reviews.

Here is a client example

3 R Services is number 3 under Basement Finishing Denver. The President called me today to say they had several calls this week alone, and two had said they found him and called because of the reviews.

The Owner of an Action Coach franchise in  Colorado Springs called me today and said she had a meeting set up with a new prospect based on her on line number one position on Google under business coach Colorado Springs, and she has worked very hard on adding video and written  testimonials  to her on line presence. You can see it at

The owner of Blue Sky Remodeling left me a message thanking us for the web visibility, as he continues to receive calls. He has more reviews than any other company on the first page.

When clients ask me what is the best marketing, I always say it’s doing great work and letting your clients do your marketing, and the best part is it is also very cost effective.    Ask your clients to review your services on Google, Bing and other high visibility sites.

Quick Do’s and Don’ts

  • Do ask your clients for reviews!
  • Do NOT write your own reviews. ( the FCC has implemented some very strong regulations about this)
  • DO NOT have employees or friends write reviews. (see above)
  • Do NOT respond on line in any negative manner to a bad review. If you get a bad review,  ask the reviewer to call you so you can fix it, and apologize, and then get a bunch of good reviews.)
  • Do mix the sites that you ask your clients to post a review on. Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yelp, City search, on and on.  Google picks up reviews from other sites, and likes them better than their own.

If you would like more information on our company reputation enhancement programs call me at: 303 543 3906.  Or visit us at


S.E.O., Internet Marketing, and Traditional Marketing Tips

S.E.O., Internet Marketing, and Traditional Marketing Tips for My One Call Clients and Associates.

A couple of unusual lead generation and conversion programs we’ve been testing over the last month deserve some space here.

Maybe you should add them to your marketing.

Tactic: Live Chat on your Site.
Cost: Free

I used live chat years ago, and dropped it after a month or so after getting no results. Recently I noticed a tweet from 720 Media in Colorado Springs about the number of live chats they were getting, and noted recent research that sites with live chat convert 70% more than without.  That’s a BIG number.  So I used Meebo, the service they recommended (and and use on their own site and installed chat on most of my pages. Easy.  Now I can see when someone is on my site, and they can ask us a question if they like.

Results: In a couple of weeks, we have had three live chats.  One was a competitor with several helpful comments about our Local Google listing. That’s what happens when you show up number four on Google under SEO – you get noticed.  On the other two, one appears to be a prospective new client in Ft. Collins. They wanted pricing information on Internet Optimization.  I called them, and what they really need is Sales Coaching. They intend to sign up next week.

My gut feeling is, without the live chat they may have just moved on to the next site looking for pricing and info.  No way to tell, but I am giving live chat the credit on this conversion.

Should your company use Live Chat? If someone is sitting in front of a computer most of the business day, and they have the knowledge to answer questions, why not?

Let me know if you try it, and what kind of results you get. Call me if you have any questions.  We may be putting together a co-op chat group, where one person can handle the chat function for 10 or 20 companies.

Tactic: Pay per Click Advertising on Google
Cost: I am spending around $1175. per week

I wanted to jump-start some of my Internet marketing programs, so I started a Pay per Click campaign on Google AdWords.  AdWords has become pickier about your landing pages and your keywords, so it takes a little while to figure out and organize your campaigns. I won’t go into detail here except to mention if you’re using Google AdWords, make sure you match your keywords to the landing page.

Results: After about six weeks we are seeing an 11-1 return on spending including the reoccurring revenue from sold accounts, which has been more than 50% of our new Internet marketing sales for this period. I will take an 11-1 ratio any day!  Because S.E.O. keywords are expensive per click (over $15.00 a click on the top words and positions), it’s a little nerve-racking. But so far so good.

Should your company use Pay Per Click? Maybe. There are a lot of pros and cons.  Even with a highly ranked site organically (we are number four) you still miss a significant number of screen views with the different keyword and area combinations your prospects can use. So, it’s a good catch-all tactic.  There is also recent research that shows companies with high rankings and utilizing Pay Per Click get better results from both because of the branding effect. Maybe.  But, if you can get a 10-1 return, or as some clients do, a 30-1 return, it’s a good investment.

Warning! In most cases don’t go it alone!  Lots of companies jump in, make uneducated decisions, lose a bunch of money and never go back. Get some help from a professional firm, or at least some early consulting. (Hint).

A couple of plugs here for cool companies: does really great Web design and social media work in the Springs and Denver.
For the do it yourself website crowd: can write great content for you, or do your editing.
And another really professional Web firm based in Florida,

And of course our company:


Am I An Idiot? What’s Missing from your Marketing and Web Site

In our very focused world of sales and marketing, most consultants or marketing  firms start with the basics.  How well each is thought through and implemented has more to do with the success of a marketing program than almost* anything else.

Those basics generally being:

* Define the target

* Create an irresistible offer (But wait there’s More! )

* Define the best ROI tactics to deliver the message ( Internet marketing, Radio, Direct mail, Trade shows, and a bunch more)
* Track measure and adjust

Yet, even with all of the above done well, there are two pieces that can sink a campaign faster than two rocks tied together. And the first is the BIG one.

Start with your service or product. Ask this question: What can I do to my product or service that would make my target prospects say,” I would be an idiot not to to buy this”. It’s not just the offer, its the actual service itself.

A quick example. In 1998 I was trying to sell a superior on line email service to large companies. The challenge was enormous. New product, a competitor that was offering the basic service for 80% less (a market share grab) and no real sales infrastructure.  So, we would call C level executives in I.T as a company they were not aware of, a reputation as a consumer based service, and a price 8 times higher than the market rate (I should mention it was worth the difference, but you know how that goes).

So, we came up with two solutions, both had good ROI for the company and had the ” I would be an idiot” factor.  Within the year we won three major national accounts, United Airlines, Mazda America, and  I should mention that only one of the two new ideas worked, and that is all part of testing an measuring.

If you want to hear what the best idea was, call me.  Because in most cases you can do it your self in one form or another.  (If your struggling with sales right now your behavior would be idiotic not to call).

Now, as for what the second missing link is in marketing plans, and this can increase your conversions from most media (including your web site)
by 10% to 30%,  It’s your marketing materials, and especially you web site. Most companies fail to appeal to 50% to 75% of buyers. Your marketing materials needs to be designed to appeal to the 4 (or 5, what ever you are comfortable with) primary personality types you sell too.  Chances are very high your site is developed by and designed for only 25% of the buying population.  Ever meet some one who is not much into the web? People think their odd, I think its because we don’t communicate in their language on line, and therefore lose their attention.

In the briefest form I can communicate, here are the four primary styles you need to some how incorporate in your marketing:

Summary- Credible- convert
Details and facts, no selling I will call you.
Color and pictures. woo me to call
You’re safe here. Call when comfortable.

And , you need to package all that in a logical, easy to navigate web site. Easy? I think the best way to accomplish this is to use different marketing messages targeted to each personality with landing pages or landing mini sites with in your site developed for them.  Sound like a lot of work? It is.  Is a 10% to 30% conversion increase worth a lot of work? You decide.

Call me if you want to explore this concept with your site. We don’t do many web sites, but we can work with many highly qualified, experienced, creative, and team focused companies who do sites really well.


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