Fire Proof Your Company

Fire proof your office:

Business owners and managers spend a lot of time “putting out fires”.  Here is a system to reduce your firefighting time significantly.

Fires are surprises.  So we try to employ a no surprise management environment.  Surprises tend to come from two sources, your employees or your clients/customers. To reduce and eliminate surprises you need a system to communicate constantly with both, in a confidential and trusting way.

Makes sure you have a policy and system to email a survey and call every customer on a regular basis.  This should include every level of your company’s management in a rotating time line.  Designate A, B and C clients, and set up a schedule of calls and surveys, with reports back to the the President of the company.

Example.  You have a three layer management org chart.

A Companies get a survey monthly from the Presidents office and a  call every three months in place of the normal lower management level calls.
A companies get a call every month from your director level.  Just a :how are we doing type call.  This can be replaced with a personal visit.

B companies get surveys every month, and a call every 4 months from the President  ( or VP )

B companies get a call or visit from the next level down every  6 weeks.

C  companies.  Survey every quarter.

Reports on every contact are sent to the Presidents and VP’s office

You will be amazed at what you will hear, and how your fire fighting team becomes less active as you identify challenges before
it becomes a fire.

If you are a small firm, you become the most active level. Call and survey every month or more!

For employees:

Send a post card to every employee with a return address to you ( The President or V.P)
Ask them how it’s going and do they have any suggestions.  Put all the returned postcards into a hat and draw
one or two out for monthly prizes.  This will encourage participation. Have some one call the employee if they didn’t respond and
remind them to get that post card back for the drawing.

Once again,  you will be amazed at the information you will get about your offices, managers and how your customers perceive your service.

Do the same type program of communication for your employees. Have a system that insures the senior level management talks directly to the A  and B
employees on a regular bases.

What comes with this is a very important policy of how the senior level communicates bad news or potential problems with the management.  It’s
essential that any “surprises”  are worked on as a team, and that you never beat up a manager for information received in this system.

Try this and you will be putting away the fire fighting gear far sooner than you would think. You will also be a better customer service organization and most likely find lot’s of lost revenue when speaking with customers.



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Traits of a successful business.

Colorado Based M&E Painting is a highly successful company, growing and prospering during difficult economic times. Founded in 2004 with $100.00 dollars and an abundance of energy, Matt Shoup the Owner has grown his Painting company to over *20* employees and will paint more than 1000 houses this year. In the process M & E has won numerous business awards.

I have had the opportunity to work with Matt as a sales coach, and currently we work on his Internet visibility program. I wanted to share with other business owners just a few of the reasons I think his company is thriving.

1.) Leadership: Matt is exceptionally passionate about his company, service and employees. He is very talented and is a relentless promoter of the company and it’s values.

M and E
M and E

2.) Message: M & E has a well defined marketing message that is consistently delivered to his prospects, employees and community through a multifarious communication process.

3.) M and E is operational well run with good systems and  processes in place and a strong management team.

4.) Matt understands the importance of/ visibility/. Visibility is the big picture that combines promotion, advertising, marketing, public relations, and sales. Leaders of growing companies just seem to “get it” when it comes to this. They understand that any opportunity to be “visible to their target market is worth a try, and they give each opportunity a chance to work or fail.

5.) Matt doesn’t over manage or under manage. This is another consistent trait in growth company leaders, they know how much they need to know, and let their employees and vendors take responsibility for the area’s they have been assigned.

So if your company isn’t growing as much as you would like, grade yourself on the above points 1-10. In the areas you feel you fall short make a commitment to improve.

You can see M&E at

P.S. Matt is doing business coaching as well, so feel free to contact him on that if you are in Fort Collins or Northern Colorado.

If you know of a company I should profile in this blog send me an email. I will be posting other examples from time to time!

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