Internet Marketing Update. Have you noticed?

Google added new features to its search last week. So how will this effect your company’s S.E.O. or visibility? Its to early to tell, but as in all things humans are creatures of habit, and it will take some time for searching behaviors to change. (see Googles Blog on the changes here)

What is very interesting, and may in fact be large changes for those of us seeking more viability on line is the new “Reviews” search and the “video search”. Now is the time to get your business on You Tube! More consumers than ever will be viewing business information via the search video section. I won’t be surprised if this becomes a major S.E.O. function over the next 6 months. S.E.O. firms teaming with You Tube production companies. Can’t find any “You tube production firms”, don’t worry, you will. They will be a cross between tradition production houses and graphic design firms. And in a few years, a You Tube video will be come a standard feature when you build your web site, or expand your web presence.

On to the reviews section. I spent some time looking through the results under a couple of keyword searches. Its not clear why some sites show up. Is Google just looking for a site that has the word review associated with the keyword you typed in? My searches were far better served with the traditional search feature…
but, I am sure Google will improve this overtime.

I was expecting to see the reviews from Google maps, Yahoo local and others, where (in theory) consumers or companies post reviews and ratings on others.
Not at all what comes up. So, for now we will want to pay close attention to how this evolves, but for my clients I don’t see a major move towards getting “reviews” on line. You do need to watch and see what sites are showing up, and getting reviewed on those.