Denver Basement Finishing Is Hot

Have you tried to set an appointment for a  free estimate to finish your basement lately?  If your home is in the Denver metro area, you may have been surprised by 1. how hard it is to get a company to come out, 2. how many may not even follow up after the first appointment, and 3.  how far out many companies are as far as starting your basement.

So whats up?  Well,  the economy has recovered, and home values are going up. Most home owners finish their basement either when they move in, or around 5-7 years after they have been in the home. Lets see, 7 years ago was right when the recession hit. hmm.  Also, the consumer confidence index has been good for a year and a half, a leader indicator of residential remodeling requests.

But, with these new demands, there are more contractors entering the basement finishing field.  That of course means you need to be more careful than ever in how you select a basement finishing company.

Our company recently began doing business development for  L and D construction, a Denver based Basement Finishing Company.  This is a good example of a basement finishing company you can trust. Why?  Licensed and Insured, full services, great references and 5 years of experience.


View an Interview with the owner of L & D construction about basement finishing below:



Or read more about the basement finishing process on


So the things to expect are, it may take a little more effort to get the bids completed, and it make take a little more time to get started.  The good news is prices are still competitive because of the number of contractors who will bid your project.

You can read about the most common FAQ about Denver basement finishing on the L & D Construction web site.