S.E.O., Internet Marketing, and Traditional Marketing Tips

S.E.O., Internet Marketing, and Traditional Marketing Tips for My One Call Clients and Associates.

A couple of unusual lead generation and conversion programs we’ve been testing over the last month deserve some space here.

Maybe you should add them to your marketing.

Tactic: Live Chat on your Site.
Cost: Free

I used live chat years ago, and dropped it after a month or so after getting no results. Recently I noticed a tweet from 720 Media in Colorado Springs about the number of live chats they were getting, and noted recent research that sites with live chat convert 70% more than without.  That’s a BIG number.  So I used Meebo, the service they recommended (and and use on their own site http://www.720media.com) and installed chat on most of my pages. Easy.  Now I can see when someone is on my site, and they can ask us a question if they like.

Results: In a couple of weeks, we have had three live chats.  One was a competitor with several helpful comments about our Local Google listing. That’s what happens when you show up number four on Google under SEO – you get noticed.  On the other two, one appears to be a prospective new client in Ft. Collins. They wanted pricing information on Internet Optimization.  I called them, and what they really need is Sales Coaching. They intend to sign up next week.

My gut feeling is, without the live chat they may have just moved on to the next site looking for pricing and info.  No way to tell, but I am giving live chat the credit on this conversion.

Should your company use Live Chat? If someone is sitting in front of a computer most of the business day, and they have the knowledge to answer questions, why not?

Let me know if you try it, and what kind of results you get. Call me if you have any questions.  We may be putting together a co-op chat group, where one person can handle the chat function for 10 or 20 companies.

Tactic: Pay per Click Advertising on Google
Cost: I am spending around $1175. per week

I wanted to jump-start some of my Internet marketing programs, so I started a Pay per Click campaign on Google AdWords.  AdWords has become pickier about your landing pages and your keywords, so it takes a little while to figure out and organize your campaigns. I won’t go into detail here except to mention if you’re using Google AdWords, make sure you match your keywords to the landing page.

Results: After about six weeks we are seeing an 11-1 return on spending including the reoccurring revenue from sold accounts, which has been more than 50% of our new Internet marketing sales for this period. I will take an 11-1 ratio any day!  Because S.E.O. keywords are expensive per click (over $15.00 a click on the top words and positions), it’s a little nerve-racking. But so far so good.

Should your company use Pay Per Click? Maybe. There are a lot of pros and cons.  Even with a highly ranked site organically (we are number four) you still miss a significant number of screen views with the different keyword and area combinations your prospects can use. So, it’s a good catch-all tactic.  There is also recent research that shows companies with high rankings and utilizing Pay Per Click get better results from both because of the branding effect. Maybe.  But, if you can get a 10-1 return, or as some clients do, a 30-1 return, it’s a good investment.

Warning! In most cases don’t go it alone!  Lots of companies jump in, make uneducated decisions, lose a bunch of money and never go back. Get some help from a professional firm, or at least some early consulting. (Hint).

A couple of plugs here for cool companies:
www.720media.com does really great Web design and social media work in the Springs and Denver.
For the do it yourself website crowd: www.localcontentnow.com can write great content for you, or do your editing.
And another really professional Web firm based in Florida,   www.digitaleel.com

And of course our company: www.salesjumpstart.net



S.E.O. or Web optimization?

S.E.O. or Web Optimization – Introduction

Why Web Optimization and not search engine optimization? Internet Marketing for Denver Colorado.

What is Web Optimization?

Web Optimization is more than S.E.O. (Search Engine Optimization)

  • Local listings and directory optimization. Your company will have higher visibility by having a higher rank on the local directories than traditional organic search engine optimization. Google uses at least 38 different criteria to rank your site in Google maps and the local directory. Being well ranked here is far more valuable to companies that serve a specific city, or metro area.
  • Portal and public site optimization. Getting your company on the first page of major search engines can happen much faster by utilizing listings and advertising with sites that are currently well ranked.
  • Traditional organic search engine optimization. Copy and navigational changes to your sites to make it search engine friendly.
  • Intense Key Word Analysis. What are the best keywords to use to bring the most qualified prospects to your site?
  • Pay per Click programs. Advertising on line needs to take each component into account. The ad, the landing page, the web navigation, the targeting, and the budget all need to work, for the campaign to work

Web Optimization is more than S.E.O.


  • My One Call Search Engine optimization and Internet Marketing has been helping the smb community since 2003. We strive for two types of clients, happy or trilled.
    • In 2009 we have a 100% success rate getting every client on the first page of Google. Most are in the top three positions for local keywords and directories.

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The Influence of Online Reviews

84% of consumers are influenced by on line reviews.
September 10, 2009

Business owners, decision makers and consumers are increasingly turning to online customer reviews to help them make buying decisions, according to the latest survey from Opinion Research Corporation. A large proportion, 84%, said that browsing reviews influenced their decision on whether or not to purchase a product or service.

However, the findings suggest that a “vocal minority” are leaving feedback and swaying consumer opinions and only 28% of respondents had posted their own reviews.

Company Reputation will be a huge factor in the sales growth of your company.

As the popularity of review sites grow a new area of business is growing with it. That is, monitoring and enhancing your company’s Internet reputation. Google, Yahoo, Bing (old MSN) and hundreds of other search engines and portals are allowing your customers to review your service.

When your company gets good reviews a lot of great things happen.

  • Your company will move up in the local directories, so more prospects will find you.
  • Your listing will attract more attention because you have more reviews than others.
  • More prospects will call you or visit your site.
  • Your cost of online (and overall advertising) will go down.
  • Your company reputation will be significantly enhanced adding value to your brand.

Any industry can benefit from monitoring and encouraging customers to do reviews online. Places to direct them are Google, Yahoo, Bing, and then the industry specific sites, such as Yelp (for hospitality related companies) Angie’s List (for consumer) and Trip Advisor for (hotels).

No matter if you are a moving company, a financial services firm, or a consultant, great online reviews can only help grow your company.

Having started our online reputation enhancement programs a few months ago, we have seen terrific results. You can see our programs by clicking our programs.

If you choose to “do it yourself” or have a professional manage your company reputation, it is worth the time and focus. Online reviews, Blogs, Twitter, social media, and portals are only growing. Did you know you can search only by “reviews” on Google now?

Feel free to call me directly with any comments or questions about company reputation management. It’s an important piece of your marketing strategy.


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How To Manage Your On Line Reviews

How much attention a business pays to the ever-growing number of review sites, and how their business is perceived depends on who they are selling to.

If your selling to consumers, reviews on Yahoo, Google, Angie’s List, City Search, Yelp and many others can give you a huge advantage over your competitors who either don’t have reviews, or have lower ratings then you do.

Or it can work the opposite way.

Below is an example review summary My One Call does for its clients. It’s amazing how useful these are in increasing your sales. If you’re a national or regional company you can access how your business is perceived, identify any hot spots that need attention, start positive PR campaigns where needed, and address individual issues.

If your a single location
it may be even more important to know what’s being said online in your reviews, as one negative review carries many times the exposure for you.

A restaurant reviews summary

We all know that an unhappy customer, employee, or competitor is far more likely to review your company than your regulars who love your business. So in many ways the world of online reviews can be very unfair.

Factor in the reality that very few review sites allow a business to respond to a bad review, or even know where or who it came from, and you have a formula for a PR nightmare.

In the example above, if I were the VP of this company I would place a major focus on getting positive reviews, and watching carefully which restaurants are improving.

Reviews also carry weight in local search directory rankings. So the more reviews you have, the higher the ranking. The last thing you want is a high ranking directory listing on the first or second page of a search engine that shows an overall low rating or poor reviews.

With our clients we use a three-prong approach to online review management:

1) Know what categories of information major review sites show about a company, and update this information at least weekly a summary report (as shown above).

2) Identify any problem areas or locations and do a local review to address any issues.

3) Encourage all of your customers to review your company through the various customer touch systems from My One Call. If you’re a one location company, print up thank you business cards and list the review sites on the back. Ask your customers to spend a minute reviewing your business. If you’re not comfortable handing this to every customer, take a step back and ask why not, and then address that issue.

If you want to know what your company looks on Web searches, call me for a free assessment of your online review reputation.

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S.E.O. is a huge waste of money!

S.E.O. is a huge waste of time and money!………

If your web site sucks.

The real and only starting point for your Web strategies has to be your site. It must be constructed to accomplish a goal.
If your looking to find new prospects, and have done a ton of work on S.E.O., blogs, social networking, link building, videos, and pay per click, and your bringing new prospects to your site, and they find your site sucks, then, you suck (in their perception).

I am amazed how many S.E.O. firms don’t even touch on the marketing side of your web site. Its insane. I just received a 4 page proposal on a national S.E.O. program for a client. Not one mention of the fact that the site won’t convert traffic into prospects. I would rather have a 20% increase in conversions first, and then S.E.O. the site.

Start with your site! There are many excellent blogs and information on how to build your web site. Here are some quick basics. If your going after new prospects make your home page easy to read.

  • Use Bullet points.
  • Talk about them not you.
  • Add your unique selling proposition,
  • Add your guarantee,
  • Make sure you have your accreditation’s listed,
  • Contact information,
  • A testimonial and a link to a bunch of testimonials,
  • A picture of you and your staff (if local)

and a BIG one.

  • Add a contact us at the top in the middle and at the end of your page.

Humans read 25% slower on a monitor than on paper. If your target market is 45 and above use bigger font ( I am NOT joking).

Like so many things in life, its not what you do, its how you do it. Call me any time for a absolutely free 10 minute evaluation of your site from a human, not a robot.

Mike Bayes
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Your Company Reflected into the Internet

A Companies Internet strategy should be to reflect its entire company into the digital world. Just like brick and mortar presence, a company needs that same presence on line

Your Internet “building” or Office is your Web Site :
Good site, Well thought out for capturing and qualifying new prospects. Unlike a traditional office you want your site to function as a great retail environment, represent your companies culture, give good information, and assist in developing prospects as well as generating referrals. Web 2.0 tools should be built including
free reports, videos of satisfied customers, videos of service demonstrations, and email sign up and delivery functions.

Your marketing Department:
On line this is getting your companies message out to a wide audience. No one will come to your store if they can not find you. Its a Intensely competitive space, and your marketing department needs to use all the tools for your store to get noticed. Those include, S.E.O., Local S.E.O., Listings on review sites, Listing on directories, Blogging, Twitter, Facebook, Strategic on line alliances, Geo- Targeted and content targeted pay per click, Branding your web site on all materials, updated your web site and directory listings, an intelligent linking strategy, paid referral sites, and more.

Your Sales Department:
Supported by the marketing department your sales department needs to reach out and present through your web site (on line videos with sign up) Schedule web meetings, schedule on line sales events (available only on this day at these times on line), have live chat available for potential customers during on line events and have a timely professional auto and real response to any on line inquires.

Communication Department:
Large companies have communications departments. Your business needs one too. The Internet is the most cost effective and productive communication department you can hire. Using your site, twitter, Blogs, and on line video and help you develop a strong communication process to your customers, prospects, and employees. You should be able to communicate new sales, new services, special offers to customers in a push of a button (email, twitter, add to site). You should be able to announce employee of the week, month quarter with a video from the president emailed and twittered to every employee and hosted on you web site. Employees can make suggestions 24-7 on how to make a better company, and customers can too. Announce sales contests and post running results. Post employee of the month on Public directories and use Press releases for on line distribution. Write and publish articles for distribution. Use a company Instant messenger for fast and easy communication.

You can offer your customers the choice of how to pay. Credit cards, Direct deposit, even twitter you money.
You can bank online, pay bills on line. Offering financing on line.

Human resources:
You can train your employees on line with video, and on line training guides. You can have all your employee hand book on line for fast reference for your managers and employees.

Market expansion:
If you have all of this as part of your internet strategy, expanding into new areas is fast.

How do you pay for all this? You start with the sales and marketing of course.