The Number One Reason for Slow Sales

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For small business owners, the number one reason for sales being slow is something very simple. Lack of, or no prospecting activity.

The problem is rarely a poor conversion percentage, or that the price is to high, or (add reason here). In my experience, it’s almost always a simple lack of sales activity.  Waiting for the phone to ring does not qualify as sales activity!

So, if you need to jump start your sales:

  • Write a letter and send it to 1000 targeted prospects (or 100, or 10,000). Pick up the phone and call everyone you have done business with, or have a business relationship with and ask them how you might help them.
  • Put together a real special offer on something you offer to get you and your sales group excited about selling again.
  • Build a new “add on service”  that your current clients need, and send them an email, then follow up with  a call.

In the words we all know and love,  JUST DO IT. And do it for an hour every day.

Making more sales, starts with and is 100% contingent upon one thing. Generating leads and you do that  through activity.


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